Hidden urban rivers / How to reveal the invisible ?

30 April 2015

Testing fluorescence with uv light!

From these tests i went away from phosphorescence (which i used before) because as it stores luminosity instead of reflecting it therefore it is delayed, which isn't accurate when you want your graphic to dynamically interact with a torch. Plus, phosphorecence is only green (which i dont like because too alien-like) whereas fluorescence has a lot more color range.

Nuit Blanche 2015 – moke up preparation

Here are some test to prepare the presentation!

Nuit Blanche 2015

Here we go again, i just sent my candidacy to an annual art event in Paris, called Nuit Blanche. Basically, for one night, people showcase an art installation lasting all night in the street. This year it was around the theme 'Climat'. Which is perfect, as it directly link with the theme of Invisible Bievre, nature in cities.

therefore, I decided to just do the Revolutionary Beaver, as it is the one who works with light and activate with night. I just added another element of interactivity, wind!

Here are some moke ups i did for the presentation.

13 May 2013

Symposium, done !

Finally, the symposium is done. I presented the project 'invisible Bièvre' to students, tutors and staff from 1st and 2nd year Communication Design Master at Central Saint Martins, London. I had compliments about the concept, the design and my personal presentation, which is more than expected !
I have now to gather all those positive and constructive feedbacks and refine my concept to the final version on the 28th of May. The end is near !

Enfin. L'oral est fait. J'ai présenté tout le projet 'invisible Bièvre' aux étudiants, tuteurs et staff de 1ere et 2eme année du master de communication design de la Central Saint Martins, Londres. J'ai eu des compliments sur le concept, le design et sur ma présentation orale, ce qui est bien mieux que prévu !
Maintenant il faut que je rassemble toute les critiques que j'ai pu avoir et entamer la finition du projet. Tout ça pour le 28 mai. On y est presque ! 

24 April 2013

Nearly there !

A slide from my presentation. 20 minutes on a huge screen in front of too many people. All of that coming in 10 days.

Steel Badge.

When weather conditions are not there to show any beaver, badges make you think about the possible interaction linking the place, the weather and the Bièvre.

Quand les conditions climatiques ne sont pas réunis pour dévoiler les castors de la Bièvre, des badges au sols rappellent la possible interaction en reliant l'évenement climatique au caractère du lieu et à la Bièvre. 

Experimentations !

Rain Beaver

Snow Beaver
Sun Beaver
Night Beaver


04 April 2013

THE BREAKDOWN. Weather-Historical-Beaver

I completely abandonned the previous route of just showing a street signage made of stencil.
I realised that the interesting part is the evolving signage. The fact that a visual can interact with weather conditions. This is from now what I will be focusing on.
Revolutionary > Night
Deseased > Snow
Luxurious > Sun
Wild > Rain

J'ai complètement abandonné la précédente possibilité de créer une signalétique au pochoir au sol.
En faite, je pense qu'il est beaucoup plus interessant de se concentrer sur la partie experimentale du projet, c'est à dire l'intéraction du visuel avec les conditions climatiques. 

Revolutionaire > Nuit
Malade > Neige
Riche > Soleil
Sauvage > Pluie

28 February 2013

27 February 2013

Beaver - visual research

I spent some times doing different beavers to refresh my ideas.

J'ai passé quelque temps à tester differentes possibilités visuelles de castor afin de me rafraichir les idées.